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2022 PNW Palliative Care Conference

The 2022 annual conference is slated to take place in-person on June 13th, 2022. 

The theme for the 2022 PNW Palliative Care Conference will be Lifting Voices and Building Bridges: Working Towards an Inclusive Future for Palliative Care with focus areas including primary palliative care and health equity.


2021 Virtual Summer Lecture Series

This lecture series has concluded. Each session was recorded and is now available on the CPCCE Youtube channel.


July 9, 2021

12-12:30 P

Theresa Braungardt, MN, RN, NE-BC

Opening Remarks

12:30-1:30 P

J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH

Promoting Serious Illness Communication at UW Medicine: Using Research and Education to Improve Healthcare

July 16, 2021

12-1 P

Sara Kim, PhD

Moment Upon Moment: Building Blocks of Managing Conflict

1-2 P

Patsy Treece, MN, RN

The Ethics of Palliative Care

July 23, 2021

12-1 P

Dana Dieringer, MD

Timothy Meeks, MN, RN-BC

Caring for Cluster B: Providing Palliative Care to Individuals Facing Behavioral and Interpersonal Challenges

1-2 P

Jormain Cady, DNP, MS

Noelle Lalario, LICSW

Lorraine Leist, MDiv

A Team Approach to Total Pain: A Transdisciplinary Perspective

July 30, 2021

12-1:15 P

Sarah Merrifield, MD

Robin Stahley, MSN, RN

Communication Redesign: a Tool Kit for Building a Solid Foundation for Interdisciplinary Teamwork

1:15-2:15 P

Ian Johnson, MSW, LICSW

Michael Light, MSW, MPH, LICSW

Navigating Medical Systems with Unhoused Patients: Strategies for Engaging in and Sustaining Care

August 6, 2021

12-1 P

Rashmi Sharma, MD, MHS

Caring for Patients with Serious Illness and Limited-English Proficiency

1-2 P

Jennifer Kett, MD, MA

Arika Patneaude, MSW, LICSW

Vote with Your Mouse: a Transdisciplinary Perspective

August 13, 2021

12-1 P

Jennifer Hopping, MSW, LICSW

Non-Pharmacological Symptom Management: A Palliative Social Worker’s Intervention

1-2 P

Yi Yan, RN

Nursing Bootcamp: Care for Older Adults at the End of Life

August 20, 2021

12-1:30 P

Desiree Wood, DNP

So Are You Burnt Out? How to Develop a Personal Roadmap for Wellbeing through Evidence-based Interventions to Resilience

* All times listed are in PST.